Core Values

At the heart of our organization is a set of core values that we hold dear. These values are rooted in hope, fueled by a commitment to excellence, and guided by a spirit of service to others. Above all, we place immense value on every individual and strive to uphold the principles of integrity and accountability in all that we do.


I have excelled in leadership roles across diverse industries, including non-profit, government, healthcare, faith-based, & social services. My skills have earned accolades at both national & local levels, and I have had the honor of contributing to multiple boards of directors.

I aim to facilitate meaningful change and contribute to making the world a better place. I am deeply committed to aiding those often disregarded in our community — particularly those marginalized due to substance abuse, mental health, & housing challenges. I believe that through genuine collaboration & fostering a culture of trust, we can achieve verifiable outcomes and positive results. This necessitates breaking down barriers, forming strategic partnerships, implementing trauma-informed approaches, & shifting the focus from program-centric to person-centered practices.

Given my leadership in pioneering operational innovation and developing client-focused programs and facilities, I am well-suited for an expanding organization that prioritizes the care of the most marginalized — the least, the last, and the lost. The following enumerates a sample of my current experiences and proficiencies:

Board of Directors

  • Elected to 30+ Board of Directors
  • Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson
  • Independent Board Member
  • Executive Committee Membership
  • Finance Committee Membership
  • Governance Committee Membership
  • Compensation Committee
  • Succession Planning Facilitator
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Philanthropy Committee


  • CEO of FQHC health care clinics
  • FQHC Chairman of the Board
  • OC Mental Health Advisory Board Membership
  • Development & implementation of outpatient and residential inpatient mental health programs & services
  • Certified PAC from the American College of Certified Forensic Counselors
  • Heads-up Check-up mental health assessment tool implementer


  • Appointed County Commissioner
  • Elected City Council Member
  • Presidential Appointee, George W. Bush & Barack Obama admin’s
  • Regulatory & compliance development & oversite
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) & (RFQ) creation, review, and oversite
  • PSR Civilian Reserve Commander OC Sheriff’s Dept


  • CEO, President, Executive Director, Founder, Vice-President
  • Chief Advancement, Program, & Campus Officer
  • Human Resources
  • Public & private grant acquisition

Social, Human, & Housing

  • Foster & Adoptive Parent
  • Social Innovation expert
  • Homeless transformation driver
  • Anti-sex trafficking program developer
  • Detox systems developer
  • Addiction recovery program developer
  • Housing & shelter developer