10 Great Ways To Get Involved In Orange County

10 Great Ways To Get Involved In Orange County

by | Apr 27, 2016

OC Native recently listed  the Orange County Rescue Mission as the #1 way to get involved in Orange County.  Here at Orange County Rescue Mission we offer various opportunities to volunteer at Village of  Hope in Tustin, or our various campuses throughout Orange County.  Or volunteer out in the community with us by serving chili with our mobile Chili Van at the Santa Ana Civic Center.  I  invite you to come experience why we have been ranked #1 in the county for giving back and getting involved.  I can promise you one thing, it will be an experience that you won’t soon forget and will make an impact on your heart as you give to the least, last, and lost living in Orange County.
For more information on our volunteer experiences, call us at (714) 247-4300 or email us at volunteers@rescuemission.org.

 Here are a few ways you can get involved in your community.
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Giving back and getting involved with your community is one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you have weekends free, or just one night a month, there are a lot of volunteer opportunities in Orange County.

1. Orange County Rescue Mission, Tustin


Simply put, the OC Rescue Mission is doing amazing work. They shelter people suffering from drug addictions, homelessness and abuse. They provide resources and classes to help those overcome their troubles and get back on their feet all the while having some place safe to live. The Rescue Mission also offers around the clock childcare so parents can attend classes and meetings.

2. Irvine Animal Care Center, Irvine

Source: acebook.com/irvineanimalcarecenter

I receive daily updates on the pets the Irvine Animal Care Center adopts out and takes in on a regular basis, and it’s impressive! This organization is so active in the community and is constantly having events that I’m sure require many volunteers– hint, hint.

3. Orange County Coastkeeper, Costa Mesa/ Orange

Source: www.coastkeeper.org

There are a few different ways to work with OC Coastkeeper. First, they have a beautiful garden in the City of Orange where you can help maintain and care for a variety of species of plants. I recommend taking a trip there just to soak in the beauty of it when you have a chance! Secondly, Coastkeeper hosts all kinds of cleanup projects. You can signup for emails of when the next creek or beach cleanup takes place, which is usually on weekend mornings.

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