by | Nov 11, 2021

I respect veterans, and it is my conviction that they have earned my appreciation. No matter which decade they served, how much combat they saw, or how illustrious their service, each veteran is a man or woman who chose to risk it all on behalf of our country. I am dedicated to serving veterans who returned from their service with brokenness, leading to mental and physical health problems, addiction, fractured families, and homelessness.

I am proud to serve alongside several veterans who are now Orange County Rescue Mission employees. Our Case Manager for veteran services at Tustin Veterans Outpost, Fernando Arroyo, recently interviewed with Religion Unplugged about his military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and what it was like for him to transition back to civilian life. I encourage you to read his personal story, Where to Go After War.

Fernando, along with fellow veteran and Rescue Mission employee Jesus Loza Cruz, are not only heroic men but also compassionate. Their military service and subsequent challenges in their transition motivate them to support homeless veterans to find their way back to healing and a transformed life.

Thank you, Fernando, Jesus, and all of our veterans, for serving me and our country.

Learn more about our work with veterans at Tustin Veterans Outpost and how you can support them at

Strategic Planning, Vision = Success

Strategic Planning, Vision = Success

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