8 More on the Road to Success!

8 More on the Road to Success!

by | May 30, 2018

Our vision for each resident in our programs is that they would graduate as a self-sufficient and contributing member of the community.  One very important aspect of this is employment, which is why we do all that we can to set our residents up for success when it comes time to search for employment.
The Road to Success workshop has not only proven itself to be successful year after year in helping formerly homeless men and women secure employment, but it has become a week of incredible personal growth.  Men and women walk away from this workshop with a confidence they had long ago lost, or maybe never knew.  It is indescribable to watch these individuals leave as  transformed people, ready to face the next step in their journey, job-searching, with confidence and poise.
Meet some of our most recent Road to Success job workshop participants that have already successfully found full-time employment:

Miguel – Entry Level HVAC Technician

“[I learned that] I can be a light to other people and always pull out the good in them, and show them what they cannot see in themselves. That is one of Gods greatest gifts for me in my life.”

Angelique – Receptionist

“I have a new found appreciation for criticism. I embraced it and it was a blessing to see where I lacked in areas.”

Orquidea  – Housekeeper

“I learned that it is okay to be confident, and to actually believe in myself.”

Camron – Product Picker

“I have a new sense of love for what I can accomplish, with the help of people that love me.”

Cameron  -Warehouse Associate

“[When interviewing before taking the workshop] I left knowing I didn’t do that well on the interview. [But now] I have confidence to do well in an interview.”

Aaron  –  Associate Technician

“I learned that success is a mindset.  I thank God for all the skills He provided me during my time at the Double R and through the Village of Hope.”

Congratulations to all of our Road to Success workshop participants: Miguel, Angelique, Ernie, Orquidea, Aaron, Cameron, Camron, and Kristin!

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