A Beacon of Light

A Beacon of Light

by | Feb 20, 2014

The Orange County Rescue Mission uses the symbol of a lighthouse for its purpose of a beacon beckoning people back home. A light piercing the darkness and illuminating hope. I enjoy imagining the Orange County Rescue Mission as this beacon and each of our residents carrying that light with them wherever they go.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
[John 1: 4-5]



OCRM resident, Christina Schulz is given an award by Tustin Mayor Al Murray

Last night was an example of radiating that light to continue to overcome darkness that might try to invade our community. The Tustin City Council, along with good friend, Mayor Al Murray, recognized one of our shining student-residents from OCRM.
Many of you might be familiar with Christina Schulz and her recent feat of saving an Irvine man’s life while she was leaving from a job interview. Christina shared her thanks and her own profound conclusion that she wants to represent the good in the world. Where there are discouraging stories that infiltrate the media, Christina affirmed her hope to add to the movement of positivity, a deduction she has gleaned from her time at the program at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope.
Christina still has a few more goals to complete before she graduates the program at the Orange County Rescue Mission, but in many ways, I think she ‘gets it.’ Christina used to hide from law enforcement because of her lifestyle, but the transformation she has experienced within the community at the Village of Hope has radically restored her life story to one of a hero.
Last night’s Tustin City Council meeting was a triumphant moment in Christina’s personal accomplishments, but it was also a celebration in the effort of excellence we dedicate in the program for each homeless man, woman and child in Orange County that we serve. Where we have high hopes for every individual that we serve, it is also the residual benefits that we anticipate,  not only the city of Tustin, but ultimately to impact the world for good to illuminate all darkness and for light to prevail.
Watch Christina’s story here.

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