A Very Special Letter

A Very Special Letter

by | Mar 5, 2014

I have dedicated myself to the investment of transformation in every man, woman and child that enter our doors. With an 18-24 month time frame, these men and women have to see the Rescue Mission program as a life time investment for themselves too. The Orange County Rescue Mission does not merely operate under behavior modification; do this, don’t do that. We also don’t simply warehouse people just to keep them off the streets. The Orange County Rescue Mission is designed to find the least, last and lost, heal their past, find their potential, have a deep, meaningful encounter with God and re-enter the world as a purposeful individual that will raise children who will never know homelessness for generations to come.

Arrianna's letter

There are several opportunities that I get to witness this level of life change in the men and women that we serve, namely at our graduation ceremonies, celebrating those that have progressed through and completed the program. There are also incredible stories of accomplishment from those that are still in the midst of the program such as those pursuing higher education and training while staying at one of our campuses.

I am thrilled to share these stories with you, as you play an instrumental role in the process of transformation within our Mission. This particular instance was a hand written letter that came across my desk from a young single mom at the Village of Hope. If ever you assume that most homeless men and women are manipulative and abuse the system, this should dispel those presumptions. Arrianna serves with our children in our Child Development Center and shared her gratitude, not only to be a student at OCRM, but to also get to play a role in the redemption of other seemingly hopeless moms. This is what real transformation looks like. A young, bitterly broken woman who has radically encountered God and then, even in the midst of piecing her own life back together, is able to usher other broken women into God’s family. Arrianna understands that no matter what hardships might come her way again, she will always possess the power of her hope and faith in God.


Arrianna is a single mom at the Village of Hope.

Join us in welcoming more men, women and children off the streets and into a new life and future. You can help by providing their next meal, the roof over their heads, or the warm beds they will sleep in. Visit our website for more information on how to give.
Here is Arrianna’s full letter:

Dear Jim,
I am overwhelmed with encouragement and joy and gratefulness. Recently I have had time to enjoy moments of peace through the observation of lives being transformed here at the VOH.
I now take on a lead role for the 2 and 3 year olds in CDC. About 2 weeks ago a young mom and her 3 year old son came through the doors of your program and really touched my life, opened my eyes and heart. I thought I would share. The mom was not at all a believer but a willing spirit to take the time to understand just how to become one or a Christian in general. Last weekend, I was a witness to her giving her life to God and I get to work beside her here in CDC watching her continuing to give her life to Christ.
Today was even more special, her 3 year old son Ethan, I believe found the Lord. I so badly wanted to incorporate praise music time into their curriculum so through the help of some of our amazing singers we did just that. Ethan has gravitated toward it and he now sings to the Lord and with a smile and understanding that Jesus lives not only in his heart but mommy’s too. Ethan’s behavior get better everyday thanks to God and all the vessels working hard here in CDC that consistently about in love, compassion and patience. To take a young mom and her son off the streets is great, but to see their lives transformed is a beautiful blessing.
Jim, thank you for continuing to be a strong vessel for the kingdom and Christ’s purpose. It is because of the Lord working through your consistent obedience that lives are not only saved but healed and transformed. What a blessing it is to be here and be a part of all the restoration and beauty.
Arrianna Timmons
Watch this video for background on Arrianna’s story and what led her to the Orange County Rescue Mission.

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