Family Camp

Family Camp

by | Aug 29, 2013

Amanda's Family

Amanda and her sons enjoy some quality family time at the Double R Ranch.

It has been a long time dream of mine to see families in the Orange County Rescue Mission’s program enjoy quality time together in the great outdoors as part of their rehabilitation process.
Our Double R Ranch in Warner Springs has the perfect setting for families to enjoy this experience. Over this last year, our Ranch Directors, Pat and Melanie McNiff have done an incredible job of developing a family friendly program and hosting parents and children from the Village of Hope as small groups get to visit for a weekend once a month.
Joey and Horse

Joey makes friends with some of the Ranch residents.

For many of the families that live at the Orange County Rescue Mission, life outside of an urban setting is a unknown. The gift of spending time in God’s great outdoors opens their eyes to a pace of life that gives way to God’s presence and stillness.
Sydney and her son

Sydney makes some happy memories with her son and the friendly Ranch residents.

Thank you to all of the donors and volunteers that give to our Double R Ranch and provide this opportunity for our Orange County Rescue Mission families!
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