Heart Strings

Heart Strings

by | Sep 13, 2013

Its hard to filter through the noise of the world, but when the pure sounds of live instruments weave together and ring in your ears, its easy to feel the ease of peace settle into your being.

VOH Pac Symphony

Village of Hope residents enjoy an on site concert from the Pacific Symphony

One of our most unique partnerships would have to be with the Pacific Symphony and their Heartstrings program. From their generosity of extending their staff and passion for music to our clients, to bringing music programs to our kids, we have been able to witness the power of music moving in and instilling a love for the arts in the families of the Orange County Rescue Mission.
Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony musicians play at the Village of Hope

With an abundance of culture swarming around the populations that make up the Orange County Rescue Mission program, this is a slice of culture that we gladly welcome to replace so much of the negativity we work to undo. I am a firm believer of surrounding the men, women and children that we rescue off the streets with a standard of beauty that God originally created for our enjoyment. Rather than perpetuating the belief that someone only deserves or belongs on the streets as disregarded life or potential, the Pacific Symphony helps add to the vision of opening the eyes of men and women to a better future for themselves and their families.
OCRM kids

OCRM kids enjoy the sounds of the Pacific Symphony while being treated to ice cream

Read more about the Pacific Symphony here. 

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