How Do You Want to Spend Your Working Hours?

How Do You Want to Spend Your Working Hours?

by | Nov 7, 2016

On average, an American adult spends almost 40% of their day at work. Our jobs are such a significant portion of our life and time and it is important that we use that time well. From a young age, I found what I was passionate about, caring for the Least, the Last, and the Lost, and I made it my life, not just a job.
Here at the Rescue Mission, we search for individuals that are passionate about supporting a people focused purpose, and want to use their work to glorify God and serve His people. We appreciate people who strive to use their time and employment to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
There is an intrinsic value to the work we do here at the Mission. It is the smile on a child’s face as they receive a Christmas gift for the first time or the relief in a single mother’s eyes as she is able to move herself and her children into a safe home. It is the laughter in the cafeteria as the residents join together each evening for a warm meal rather than go hungry on the streets. It is the joy and accomplishment that is so clear on a man’s face as he finally receives a job offer and is able to once again provide for his family. These every day miracles happen with the ongoing support of the Rescue Mission employees.
Every year we implement strategic expansions, in both programs and facilities. With these expansions, our staffing needs grow. Not only do we regularly have employment opportunities, we also have room for growth within the organization. View our current open positions below.

Orange County Rescue Mission

  1. Chief Financial Officer
  2. Controller
  3. Major Donor Officer – Ongoing
  4. Front Desk Reception – Ongoing
  5. Accounts Receivable Manager
  6. Accounts Payable Clerk
  7. Veterans Outreach Care Coordinator
  8. Seasonal Accounting Clerk
  9. Seasonal Accounting Clerk –  Part-Time
  10.  Human Resources Assistant
  11. Care Coordinator

Inland Empire Rescue Mission

  1. Front Desk Reception

Hurtt Family Health Clinic Jobs

  1. Medical Assistant (Ongoing)
  2. Call Center Associate
  3. Referral Coordinator
  4. Eligibility Access Specialist
  5. Clinical Manager
  6. Front Desk Team Member
  7. Dental Assistant

We provide for and support the restoration of the Least, Last, and Lost of Orange County, and we need passionate individuals that want to join us in this mission! We have several employment opportunities at both our Orange County, Corona Norco Rescue Missions and Hurtt Family Health Clinics. I encourage you to apply if you are seeking a career that will make an impact on the lives of those who need it most.
Please take a look at our employment opportunities page here.

Strategic Planning, Vision = Success

Strategic Planning, Vision = Success

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