LaToya's Story

LaToya's Story

by | Jun 10, 2014


Seven-year-old Cartara and her mom LaToya have been at the Rescue Mission for a little more than six months — and they are so thankful for a safe place to get back on their feet!

When LaToya and her husband separated, she and her daughter lived in a hotel room, trying to start over.


Thank you for this place. Thanks for giving us a warm place to stay and food to eat.

But without a job, money ran out quickly, and suddenly, one night, they were asked to leave. In the middle of the night, with one bag, mother and daughter left the hotel. They stayed in the safety of a McDonald’s until it closed, but headed out again into the darkness. LaToya was afraid for herself and her daughter, but little Cartara reminded her to trust in God. Miraculously, a kind driver passing by saw them out alone and offered to pay for a couple of nights in a hotel.

Today, thanks to your generosity, LaToya and Cartara have a place to stay, food to eat and Cartara is in school while LaToya searches for work. “Thank you for this place,” LaToya says. “Thanks for giving us an opportunity to get back on our feet, for giving us a warm place to stay and giving us food to eat.”

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