Magic at the Mission

Magic at the Mission

by | Dec 15, 2014

Its the most wonderful time of the year!
Magic at the MissionJim
This weekend, with the help of many friends of the Mission, we were able to deliver a special day of gift-wrapping and gift-giving to the families of the Rescue Mission.
Many of our residents at the Village of Hope are children whose parents found themselves homeless. These families have now come to the Rescue Mission seeking shelter and guidance to get their lives back on track.
This event was a very special celebration for the children, many of whom have not celebrated Christmas in years, if at all. The Magic at the Mission event gave the children and their families the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas season with a special day of picking our gifts for one another from a generous selection of donated items from generous donors to the Mission.
Magic at the Mission
Special Thanks to our partners who have made this day and Christmas special at the Orange County Rescue Mission:

  • Thank you Tustin GMC
  • Thank you Tustin Police Department
  • Thank you Subway for providing lunch
  • Thank you Church at the Mission for musical entertainment
  • Thank you to all of our volunteers who¬†participated in caravan, and all volunteers who donated toys to the event
  • Rob Joly and his group of bikers
  • John Patterson from Tustin Mazda (raised $3500 with OC Auto Center for gifts)
  • The Feeding Frenzy providing funnel cakes (they will not be present at the time of the welcome)
  • Arctic Glacier Snow Company (not there at time of welcome)
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