Men of God

Men of God

by | Feb 24, 2014

Our identity is the essence from which we determine our day to day being.
The truths from which you define your identity will ultimately determine the story of your life.
It is unfortunate that some people might go through their entire life, a stranger to their true self and ultimately ‘sit the bench’ rather than star in their instrumental role in the God story playing out all around them.

Coast Hils

Small group discussions at the Coast Hills Community Church Men’s Conference at the Village of Hope this weekend.

This weekend, 50 men from Coast Hills Community Church came alongside the men of the Orange County Rescue Mission to dive into what true identity looks like. Coast Hills Pastors Paul Gates, Jerry Hill and Derek DaPena spoke to the truths of living as a creation, living saved, and living in Jesus.
Pausing to allow these truths to sink in is crucial in such a tender time for all of these guys, but especially the men that have sought a season of restoration while working through the program at the Orange County Rescue Mission. Common themes that have landed most of the male population at the Orange County Rescue Mission in their current circumstances involve a twisted view of what being a man looks like or what the purpose of their life and future should look like. Truthfully, men and women like you and myself are really only a misbelief away from falling on our faces in crisis as well. It is these truths that propel and motivate us into the abundant life that only a loving Heavenly Father can orchestrate for his most prized creations, his children. We must be continually reminded of how we are seen through the eyes of God and live our lives as the true self that the Father originally created us to be, rather than what the media, our peers, our hurtful family members, teachers, coaches and other influential voices have spoken over us and we have accepted as reality.
Men's Conference

Coast Hills Community Church Pastor Paul Gates shares in the chapel at the Village of Hope.

Men's Conference

Robbie Conrad leads worship in the Village of Hope chapel for the Men’s Conference last weekend.

This weekend was a valuable bridge for many men to walk into a deeper faith, a more clear picture of what their future can look like and building relationships with God-honoring men who care enough to extend the love and church of Jesus to brothers who may just be beginning their walk of faith.
I am personally so grateful for the partnership between Coast Hills Community Church and OCRM. There is no price tag on consistent men of faith that are dedicated to seeing the least, the last and the lost through to transformation.
After a day long conference, Coast Hills families joined to bring dinner and orchestrate a beautiful chapel service for our Saturday evening programming.
You can also play a role in the transformation of a homeless man’s life by keeping a roof over his head while OCRM works to feed, clothe, shelter, heal and empower the hurting men that come to us off the streets by giving a gift HERE. 

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