National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, January 2020

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, January 2020

by | Jan 9, 2020

In recent years the plight of victims of human trafficking has gained awareness. It is a heartbreaking reality, and yet we cannot ignore it. I am grateful for the efforts to prevent human trafficking on the national and international levels.

But there are victims that need to be rescued, and at Orange County Rescue Mission we invest in creating a place and opportunities for victims to become survivors. We call this ministry Strong Beginnings.

Since the opening of Strong Beginnings in 2018, this ministry has grown and developed. Over the past year, we have learned much as we continue to strive to best serve women fleeing from sex trafficking. We have added new and experiences and weekly sessions for the women so that they can begin the healing process, and to give them a sense of hope that they can become restored.

To do this, we work with wonderful partners, including Lives Worth Saving, Refuge Church, Into His Image, Saddleback Church, Trinity Law School, Hurtt Family Health Clinic, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Finding Freedom, the Orange County District Attorney’s office, the County of Orange, and local law enforcement agencies, and several individual volunteers.

We have also added staff to the ministry, who has contributed numerous years of prior experience working with trafficking victims. She explains in her own words, “I am an overcomer of childhood trauma, and have always wanted to help make a difference…to be a voice for the voiceless and an ear for those who need to be heard.”

My hope and prayer is that more and more women who have been caught up in the snare of human trafficking will not only be rescued, but find their freedom in the healing love of Jesus Christ.

Please click on the video below for more information about Strong Beginnings and human trafficking in Orange County.

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