New do's

New do's

by | Nov 5, 2013

Our salon is an important place at the Village of Hope.


OCRM residents getting styled by the Telles brothers

While we invest and focus on the transformation of the heart at the Orange County Rescue Mission, we also place a high value in allowing our clients to feel good and reach their highest potential. I believe God created every person beautiful and where so much of that beauty comes from within, the confidence to believe in oneself can often start with simple things like grooming.
Terry Telles

Terry washes Maria’s hair.

Although we have a state of the art salon on our campus equipped for extreme makeovers, we do not have a paid staff member that is able to style our men and women into professionals. However, incredible volunteers like Tim Telles from Tribecca Salon often set up shop for a day to get our guys and gals all cleaned up.
Tim Telles

Tim trims Arianna’s hair in the OCRM salon.

On a unique occasion, Tim paid us a visit yesterday but also brought his style licensed brother, Wayne and his 86 year old Mom, Terry. In a family event Tim, Terry and Wayne washed, cut and dyed our residents’ hair all day. Big thanks to these guys for everyone’s new do’s!

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