New Life

New Life

by | Mar 21, 2016


For me Easter is more than a spring time holiday.
Easter is a daily way of life, because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.
It is this daily experience that inspires me to lead the Rescue Mission. I see men, women and children become transformed people, as they also trust Jesus Christ as a daily way of life. They have a new life.
David is one of those people. He came to the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, just hoping to have some food to eat and a place to live. What he has received is a new life.
“David felt like his life was not worth living before he came to the Rescue Mission.
Lord, I’m just going to walk in front of a bus, he had thought to himself.
But the meals and care provided showed him that someone cared and thought his life was worthwhile. And that, with God’s help, he could make changes to get to a healthier place.

‘It’s very hard to totally surrender,’ David says, ‘I had steel around my heart. God is tenderizing my heart every day.’

That’s the kind of life-change that leads to transformation, renewal…and ultimately, joy!”

– from Lighthouse, March 2016

This Easter week, join me in helping to transform lives, starting with a meal.

Happy Easter,
Jim Palmer

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