OCRM's Own Nativity

OCRM's Own Nativity

by | Dec 22, 2013

We are thrilled to have a backyard complete with therapy animals at the Village of Hope.
Because of our Double R Ranch program in Warner Springs, we have been able to keep a few of the four-legged ranch residents at the Village of Hope in an effort to give urban dwellers a taste of the county as well as provide a responsibility on campus where students are required to care for and learn the art of cultivating and caring for life.  These therapy animals are a critical part of our healing program.

Ronnie and the lamb

Ronnie, a student at OCRM care for our new lamb.

Where we typically have two pot bellied pigs, a few goats and roaming chickens, our animal therapy program has now gained a little lamb.
My friend John Kelly and his sister Mary have granted us custody of the Orange County Rescue Mission’s newest family member and our children and families have already taken to her welcoming call.
John and the lamb

OCRM’s newest resident

Thank you for helping us keep the Village of Hope down to earth! We love providing unconventional outlets for our residents to experience God’s creation and a life outside of their typical habitations.

Jim and the lamb

Help provide shelter and other incredible aspects of our program to those transitioning off the streets of Orange County HERE.

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