Santa and His PD Entourage

Santa and His PD Entourage

by | Dec 21, 2013

Santa arrived at the Village of Hope at the sound of sirens this year.
The Tustin Police Department escorted Santa right up to the front door of the Orange County Rescue Mission where about 65 kids and their parents anxiously awaited his arrival.

Tustin PD

Santa’s escorts

Tustin PD and Santa

VOH kids

OCRM children waiting for Santa to arrive.

One of the neatest highlights of the evening was while the kids were anticipating Santa’s arrival. When prompted to sing Christmas carols, the kids spontaneous broke out in worship songs. What an innocent reminder to take to heart our priorities during the Christmas season.
As Santa burst onto the scene, his sighting was a first for many of our children at the Orange County Rescue Mission. Their joy was contagious and for that I must thank my friend Mayor Pro Tem, Chuck Puckett for dressing in that red suit and white beard.
Martin and Santa

Martin, one of our single fathers and his kids with Santa

Kids with Santa

Kids reveling in Christmas wonder


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