Second Step Christmas

Second Step Christmas

by | Dec 23, 2013

I love sharing the stories of every day heroes extending themselves to the least, the last and the lost.
This community of faith, Christ Community Church, sponsored Hope Family Housing, the Orange County Rescue Mission’s low income housing community in the City of Buena Park. The second step housing that most of the OCRM program graduates advance to once they secure jobs and graduate from the Village of Hope. Christ Community Church stepped up to sponsor a Christmas party for our Hope Family Housing residents  including food and beverage and two toys for each of the 37 children that reside here.

Christmas gifts

One Hope Toy Drive by Christ Community Church

There was such an abundance of new toys, that each child was treated with two gifts each.
One Hope Toy Drive

Hope Family Housing, Buena Park Christmas Party sponsored by Christ Community Church

The Christmas party was hosted in a community room and in the yard of one of the town homes. One of the church partners shared this story from the event, ‘There are so many stories to tell but my favorite is the last picture. As all of the kids opened their presents this little boy was told by his dad that they would put theirs under the Christmas tree and open on Christmas day. We discovered that these two toys would be the only two presents under the tree this year. Cindy would have none of that so she asked the little boy if it was OK to receive an unwrapped gift. Through the tears boy chose a 100 piece Lego set and not another word was said after that. As he showed every child his present the reaction was always the same, “You got Lego’s?”  The boy would just smile and walk over to the next child. He did this to all 37 kids smiling all the way back to his home. Priceless.”
Hope Family Housing

Hope Family Housing families enjoy a Christmas Party sponsored by Christ Community Church

The families that live within this community were of course blessed, but it was so neat to see the bridges that were built between the church members and these men, women and families that have worked their way to this point of independence. Maybe they work two jobs and fight to make ends meet, but can’t quite afford Christmas gifts for their kids. But it was a blessing to see relationships arise from a church extending itself to our Hope Family Housing families working to improve their lives.
One Hope Toy Drive

Hope Family Housing kids ecstatic to receive these gifts!

Thank you Christ Community Church! You’ll be happy to know that the recipients were genuinely and abundantly grateful for your mind blowing generosity. We are excited to do this again giving God the honor and glory every step of the way!
Check out this awesome church HERE.
Help give other children at the Orange County Rescue Mission the gift of meals this Christmas HERE.

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