Serving Hope With Every Meal

Serving Hope With Every Meal

by | Sep 28, 2015


The holidays are fast approaching and our Serving Hope campaign is in full swing! Serving Hope is your chance to make a difference in the lives of hungry and homeless people in Orange County this holiday season — starting today.Will you help feed our hungry neighbors? It’s just $1.48 for a complete meal. Many in our community live on the streets. Many others live paycheck to paycheck, one small disaster away from homelessness.
Serving Hope

Campaign Goals:

301,472 meals for hungry people
38,797 nights of safe shelter
801 job training sessions
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But with so many in need, what can I do? That’s a great question!

  1. You can provide a nourishing meal for a hungry man, woman or child.
  2. You can offer hope for a second chance through our life-changing programs.

This holiday season, please help care for your hurting and hungry neighbors.
A meal not only serves a hungry person nourishing food…it gives them hope to start on the path to new life.
Thank you for everything you do to bring the love of Christ to men, women and children throughout Orange County.
Jim Palmer

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