Serving Hope

Serving Hope

by | Sep 9, 2014

Serving Hopechild
A nutritious meal, served with dignity, opens hearts to receiving help that goes beyond a good dinner. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of meals to break down that wall. Sometimes it takes just one. 

You can provide that meal for just $1.48 

Serving Hope is your invitation to make a difference in the lives of hungry and homeless people in Orange County and Riverside this holiday season — and it starts today! 

Thousands live on the streets. Many others live paycheck to paycheck, one mishap away from homelessness. 

But with so many in need, what can I do? 

That’s a great question! 

  1. You can provide a nourishing meal for a hungry man, woman or child.
  2. You can reach out with hope for a second chance through our life-changing programs.

Help us feed, clothe, shelter, heal and empower the less fortunate this holiday season with the love of Christ. 

Thank you for everything you do to bring hope and light to men, women and children throughout Orange County and the Inland Empire. 

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