Thank you to Donald P. Wagner, Chairman of The Orange County Board of Supervisors, Fourth District, for this recognition

Thank you to Donald P. Wagner, Chairman of The Orange County Board of Supervisors, Fourth District, for this recognition

by | Oct 5, 2023

Thank you to Donald P. Wagner, Chairman of The Orange County Board of Supervisors, Fourth District, for this recognition.

WHEREAS, after 30 years of running the Orange County rescue mission, one of the largest nonprofit homeless service providers in Orange County, Jim Palmer has decided to step down as president and chief executive officer; and

WHEREAS, Jim has dedicated his life work to helping those in need. His professional font this and the creation of long-term self-sufficient and stability among the least, the last, and the lost by going beyond traditional temporary solutions to address the underlying causes of transitional chronic homelessness; and

WHEREAS, under his leadership, the Orange County rescue mission has received national recognition for success rates of client graduates and entrepreneur approaches to developing self-sufficiency, including the 211th Presidential Point of Light Award, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Service Award, and recognition from President George W. Bush at the faith-based initiative conference in Washington DC; and

WHEREAS, President George W. Bush nominated Jim to serve as the Director of the Board for the Corporation for National and Community Service, where he oversaw a team of 125,000 staffers and AmeriCorps Vista workers and an annual budget of 1.2 billion; and

WHEREAS, Jim is one of the few people who have served at three levels of government simultaneously; As a city council member, county commissioner, and presidential appointee. While serving on the Tustin city council, one of the significant achievements was authoring and implementing one of the most comprehensive local government transparency laws in California. He received the Orange County Local Elected Official of the Year award in recognition of his outstanding service on the Tustin City Council; and

WHEREAS, from 1998 to 2013, Jim served as a County Commissioner for the Orange County Housing Commission and Housing Authority and served as its Chairman four times period he has been instrumental in the development of the Continuum of Care Leadership Cabinet, a subcommittee of the Housing Commission that assisted in the development of regional strategies for homeless programs that focus on advocacy, homeless prevention, outreach and assessment, transitional and emergency shelters, and affordable housing; and

WHEREAS, Jim is an advocate for children’s issues in Orange County. He fostered nine children and adopted three and was named Child Advocate of the Year in 1999;

THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED, that Chairman Donald P. Wagner does hereby take great pride in commending Jim Palmer for his many years of service to the Orange County Rescue Mission, commends him for efforts on behalf of the people of Orange County, and extends to him best wishes for continued success in all his future endeavors. Signed by Donald P. Wagner, Chairman, Orange County Board of Supervisors, Third District

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