Together, Offering Hope to Veterans

Together, Offering Hope to Veterans

by | Aug 22, 2016

For a project like the Tustin Veterans Outpost, support from individuals and the surrounding community is vital. The generosity of individuals in the community has been a tremendous help as the Outpost, our new transitional housing program for veterans, recently became operational.
I would like to personally thank and recognize the individual supporters that have contributed to this project. With your support, veterans have moved into the 26 bed apartment complex, and are now receiving the real help they need to transition to self-sufficiency. The Tustin Veterans Outpost also serves as a reminder that you appreciate the service these veterans have given us. Most importantly, you gave them hope that they can restore their lives and thrive in our community.
Thank you for caring for this special group of people and for all of the least, the last and the lost in our community, who come in to the Mission desperate for help . . . and hope.
With much gratitude, I thank every individual who has given to make Tustin Veterans Outpost a reality.

I especially thank and recognize the following individuals:

  • Barbi Olsen
  • Bobby McDonald
  • Charleen Cavett
  • Cheryl Budensiek
  • Chris Yragui
  • DeeDee Rosenthal
  • Gwyn Parry
  • Gary and Marlene Vatcher
  • General William Lyon
  • James Gosney
  • James Sommerville
  • John Kruger
  • Kathy Yost
  • Kevin & Denise Cassin
  • Kevin Dean
  • Kevin Ober
  • Larry Broughton & Melissa Papke
  • Mark & Tammy McCoy
  • Minzah Malik
  • Nader Abyad
  • Nancy Hill
  • Phil & Dana Liberatore
  • Sharon Mutschler
  • Susan Boozier
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